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Unleash your potential and master the art of badminton in our enriching environment. Join us and experience a community dedicated to your growth, excellence, and sporting mastery.

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Admissions Open 2024

Welcome to AD Badminton Academy

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Admissions Open 2024

AD Badminton Academy is a holistic hub promoting health, empowerment, and excellence. We emphasize primitive health measures and empower female players for higher competition. Our comprehensive coaching, tailored from beginners to advanced players, is complemented by regular tournaments for practical exposure. Future plans include global partnerships and league matches to elevate the sport. We prioritize holistic training with strength, fitness, and on-court sessions, supported by an in-house physiotherapist.

Join us for a fulfilling journey towards health, empowerment, and excellence.

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Certification Course

BA can help your badminton journey, with innovative coaching methods, convenient locations and flexible programs, we can be the right partner for you.

Coach Certification Programs

Certification Course

For a coach looking to validate your skills, the exclusive BA CCP Program has multiple levels to learn from and hone your badminton coaching skills.

Tournaments & Events

Certification Course

For any special scenarios, BA coaches will develop a plan with set milestones, iterative assessments and feedback to help you achieve your specific goals

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Professional Coaches
Our team is comprised of individuals meticulously trained and thoughtfully chosen by industry leaders, all with the sole purpose of bringing out your ultimate potential. We’re here to inspire and guide you to your very best.
Programs meticulously crafted and proven through experience, designed to cater to the distinctive requirements of each individual. We understand that every person is unique, and our approach is tailored to meet those specific needs effectively.
An exclusive opportunity to participate in the high-performance program at AD Badminton Academy, dedicated to nurturing sporting excellence. Elevate your skills and unlock your athletic potential with our specialized training and development initiative.
We’ve established an individualized ‘roadmap-milestone-assessment-feedback’ cycle for every player, guaranteeing continuous progress and sustained engagement. Our structured approach is designed to optimize each player’s development journey and maintain their active involvement.
Our extensive network of coaching centers offers players the advantage of flexibility and access to a diverse community of athletes. This ensures that players can refine their skills and benefit from a variety of experiences.
Engage with and gain insights from professionals in a wide range of disciplines, while also enjoying access to camps, international exchange programs, and global tournaments. We open doors to a world of diverse athletic experiences.

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Admissions Open 2024

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